Personal Hygiene Teaching Resources for Special Needs Students

Teaching personal hygiene to children and young adults with disabilities can be challenging, but carers and teachers know how important it is to form good habits early on.

While students with disabilities may find it difficult to learn the key elements and steps involved in self care, there are lots of resources out there to help communicate the process in a way that works best for them. For example, social stories are often useful for some while visual aids can be really helpful for others.

To help you find the resources that work best for you and your child, we have collected some of the best free personal hygiene resources out there and organised them under a handy filter system. This system allows you to pick the specific aspect of personal hygiene you want to focus on and gives you the option to specify the particular format of resources that will be most helpful.

To use the filters below, first select the topic(s) of resources you're looking for. Then, select the format(s) you’d like them in and scroll down to find links to the teaching materials that fit your needs.

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