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What Are The Best Facial Tissue Brands

Facial tissues have boomed over the last few years and have many revolutionary uses. They can be used practically anywhere whether that be in home settings or in a workplace environment. See our previous blog on why you should use factual tissues at work for a further understanding of some of the many uses facial tissues have. With this in mind, you may be aware that there are a whole plethora of tissue brands in today’s UK market. As such, this blog article will discuss:  What is facial tissue paper?... Read More


6 Tips to Help You Clean A Bathroom Properly

The cleanliness of environmental surroundings has been on many people’s radar for a long time now; especially due to current affairs. Which is why it is absolutely imperative that home settings are cleaned correctly, disinfected appropriately and maintained to minimise risk of germs spreading. Although it is not uncommon knowledge that your kitchen is the dirtiest room in the house (due to food naturally being a vector for many disgusting bacterias) your bathroom certainly comes close.  Some people believe that a simple sponge and disinfectant wipe is adequate enough to... Read More


What Types Of Cleaning Equipment Do Janitors Use?

Janitors have the primary purpose to keep commercial and residential buildings in pristine condition by utilising specific cleaning equipment. In addition, they sometimes have a secondary function whereby they may be required to perform security and maintenance tasks. However, have you ever wondered what the types of cleaning equipment janitors use on a regular basis? If so, this article will discuss: The most common types of cleaning equipment What you need to consider when buying janitor equipment Final point  The Most Common Types Of Cleaning Equipment: Microfibre Cloths Microfibre cloths... Read More


Is Cheap Toilet Paper Any Different To Branded Toilet Paper?

Toilet paper, like any product in today’s market, comes in many shapes, sizes, prices, colours and brands. However, there are many factors to consider when buying branded items compared to the knock off alternatives and this is no different when it comes to the toilet paper world. That is why within this blog, we will take you through: The major factors to consider when it comes to buying toilet paper What toilet paper is right for you (in depth)  What we do here at Galleon Supplies Major Factors To Consider:... Read More


What is Couch Roll and What Are Its Main Uses?

With all the different types of hygiene roll in today’s market, it can be easy to lose track of what roll is best suited for certain situations. What’s more notable is that especially in the current world, it is more necessary than ever to keep surfaces cleaned and sanitised properly after each use. This is why in this article we will broaden your knowledge on a specific roll known as ‘couch roll’ (more recently termed ‘hygiene roll’) and will provide you with all the information on: What is couch roll?... Read More


Can You Flush Wet Wipes Down The Toilet?

Many people who use cleansing wet wipes or toilet wet wipes lack an understanding on whether these items can be safely flushed down the toilet and any consequences (such as a clogging or damaging the drainage system) if done so. In this article, we will highlight the common mistakes made with regard to wet wipe disposal, the possible problems that are created and a conclusion as to whether it is advisable for them to be flushed down the toilet. Can Wet Wipes Be Flushed Down The Toilet?  The obvious answer... Read More

Single blue roll ready for use 22/09/2021

Why is Blue Roll Blue

It is one of the most common products in cleaning cupboards all over the world, but have you ever wondered, why is blue roll blue? There may be more of a reason behind this choice than you may think, with the actual colour of the roll providing more of an important role than first believed. In this article we will talk about what exactly blue absorbent roll is and how it can be used for a variety of different applications. We will also go on to provide answers as to... Read More

4 toilet rolls stacked on top of each other 09/09/2021

How Long is a Toilet Paper Roll

It is something we use every single day and often take for granted, but have you ever thought exactly how long is a toilet paper roll? In everyday life we will look at the toilet roll at least every one or two days, and we are all aware that every roll has a high number of different individual sheets on, but what would a toilet paper roll look like fully unrolled in a single piece. In this article we will discuss the average length of toilet paper roll and how... Read More

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10 Ways to Prevent Cross-Contamination at Your Workplace

No matter what industry you work in, knowing ways to prevent cross contamination is a vital means of ensuring a safe and clean working environment. Cross contamination is often most prevalent in the food preparation industry and is a major issue in restaurants and cafes. However, there can be contamination in all different types of workplaces, so knowing how to stop cross-contamination is valuable information for all manner of people. Prevention is not all about hand washing, there are many factors that can go a long way to maintaining a... Read More

Person washing hands with hand sanitiser 25/08/2021

How to Clean Hands Without Water

Keeping your hands clean throughout the day is a great way of preventing the spread of bacteria and germs, but do you know how to clean hands without water? Sometimes you may be struggling to clean your hands as there is no sink or soap around for you to access, meaning that you cannot use the common method of antibacterial soap and hot water. However, there are options that are very effective at reducing the number of harmful bugs and bacteria on the hands without the use of water. In... Read More