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First aid box and travel kit filled with bandages, wipes and scissors 16/03/2020

A Guide to First Aid at Work

First Aid at work is essential to any business as employers are responsible for the health and safety of their staff and any visitors to their premises. We all want to avoid any unnecessary accidents and injuries in our workplace, but do we have the right measurements in place to minimise the risk and eliminate hazards? If you are unsure, we have got you covered in this blog article, as we provide you with a guide to first aid at work. So, get ready to take note of our tips... Read More

Person using microfibre cloth to clean office desk 04/02/2020

Top 5 Office Cleaning Supplies You Should Be Using

Offices require frequent cleaning whether they host 20 employees or 200, so it is vital that you have the right office cleaning supplies to successfully clean your workspace. In this article, we will go through the top 5 office cleaning supplies that you should be using at your workplace.

work safety and safety procedures folders on desk 14/01/2020

Improving Safety in The Workplace

Improving safety in the workplace is at the top of many companies lists but it takes a lot of patience and effort to continuously raise the health and safety standards within a business. In this article, we will talk you through our top methods to implement in order to improve safety in the workplace. So, take these tips on board today and see how you could make your workspace safer for your employees, clients and customers.

man and lady cleaning kitchen at Christmas 12/12/2019

Our Top Christmas Cleaning Tips

We all love Christmas time, however, it brings the stress of keeping your home tidy for family and guests that are visiting your property in this period. It can be very tasking cleaning your property for Christmas, so we have put together our top Christmas cleaning tips in our latest blog article to help you prepare your home.

Office lit up with productive workers 26/11/2019

Improving Workplace Efficiency

Improving workplace efficiency is at the top of the list of any business as companies want to get the most out of their employees so output can be as high as possible. Productivity is essential to helping your business grow so you will need to provide the best working environment for your staff to enable this.


5 Tips for a More Environmentally Friendly Office

In this day and age, people are becoming more concerned about the environment and how our behaviours affect the planet. This has placed greater importance on companies becoming greener and more environmentally friendly, with the media shedding light on businesses that are found to be negatively impacting environment. With more pressure on industries to become more eco-friendly, many workplaces have put together plans to become greener to have a more positive impact on the world.

Brand in focus: Kleenex

Kleenex has been a familiar, iconic household brand for close to a century. When it made its first appearance on American shelves way back in 1924, it was the very first facial tissue, as we now understand the term, to be introduced in a western country – facial issue has a considerably longer history in Japan.  Kleenex was devised by the International Cellucotton Products Company of Wisconsin, and initially marketed solely as a disposable, easy-to-use way to remove cold cream – and by extension, make-up.   The company’s original trademark unambiguously... Read More

Top uses for a microfibre cleaning cloth

As the name suggests, microfibre cleaning cloths are made from extremely fine artificial fibres. These can be split during manufacturing to produce even finer filaments for versatile cleaning products: the structure of the split fibres provides a high level of absorbency, soaking up liquids, dirt, dust and oil. Most brands also leave no lint.  Common microfibre cleaning cloth uses include… Deep cleaning Such is the cleaning efficiency of microfibre cloths that they are three times more efficient than other materials at cleaning on a microscopic scale, removing 99 per cent... Read More

How to give feedback constructively

Giving constructive feedback to employees or other team members is a fine art. If your feedback is too vague or accommodating they may be left without the information they need to do their jobs properly. If team members have made mistakes it’s only fair to give them a chance to improve and they will only be able to do that if they understand just what they did wrong. On the other hand, if you are too direct, too critical, you may come across as excessively demanding and fussy or simply... Read More

How to be a good leader

  There’s more to being a leader than being in charge. Authority may get things done on a basic, minimal level, but it’s likely to breed resentment and frustration if unaccompanied by anything else. If you want real success, leadership is needed – and for that, well developed people skills are required. Some people have natural talent, but most of us have to learn how to be a leader. That’s right: leadership skills can be learned! We think the following are the most important skills to develop:     Leaders set the... Read More