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Person drying their hands with paper hand towels 08/04/2021
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Paper Towels vs Hand Dryers – Which is Better For Your Washroom

The argument of paper towels vs hand dryers has been going on for many years as businesses use both products in their washrooms. The choice of what hand drying method to use in a bathroom is usually down to preference, where individuals prefer one method of drying over the other. However, in this article, we will look further into which drying method is better for your washroom to put an end to this age-old debate. Read on to find out whether paper towels are better than hand dryers. Economic Cost... Read More

Man pulling antibacterial wipes out of a blue wipe packet 29/03/2021

5 Benefits of Using Antibacterial Wipes

Antibacterial wipes have become even more popular since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in 2020, with an increasing amount of workplaces using the wipes to keep their premises free of bacteria and viruses. With these wipes becoming more widely used, in this article we will look into the 5 benefits of using antibacterial wipes. These advantages could help to improve cleaning procedures at your business, so take notes on how antibacterial hand wipes could benefit your company. Efficient in Disinfecting Surfaces The main benefit of antibacterial wipes is that they... Read More

Person putting on disposable gloves for work 25/02/2021
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How The Use of Disposable Cleaning Equipment Could Benefit Your Business

As many sectors and industries have fast-paced environments, the need for disposable cleaning equipment is increasing. But how can disposable cleaning supplies benefit your business? We will look into the benefits of disposable gloves and other disposable products in this article to see what advantages they could bring to your workplace. Reduced Risks of Contamination & Infection Reducing contamination and infection is important in all workplaces but even more so in the healthcare sector. It is vital that infections do not spread in businesses as this can affect many people... Read More

Multi-coloured microfibre cloths in a row 18/12/2020
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5 Essential Winter Cleaning Products

Winter cleaning can be a challenge and is something you will look to avoid. Well luckily for you we have put together a list of 5 essential winter cleaning products which will make your life easier during the colder months of the year. So, get ready to take note of the cleaning items you need to be stocked up on this winter. Microfibre Cleaning Cloths As your rooms can become dusty very easily in the colder months, microfibre cloths are essential for cleaning in the winter. Lint-free cloths are the... Read More

Person cleaning workplace floor with a mop, bucket and a wet floor sign 30/10/2020

The Value Of Cleanliness – How It Affects Your Business

We often underestimate the value of cleanliness at our businesses, although it can affect the way that your company operates. From keeping your employees healthy to saving costs on refurbishments, valuing your cleaning processes can improve the image of your workplace. So, in this article we will look into how keeping a clean working environment can positively impact the functioning of your premises. Essential To Workplace Safety Working in a messy environment can put employees in a dangerous position as they may not be aware of hazards which leads to... Read More


5 Ways To Improve Your Washrooms

Businesses often neglect their washrooms, as we forget to keep our restrooms fresh and clean for those that will be using it. We all know that there is nothing worse than using an unhygienic toilet, so it is time to make a change at your place of work and improve the washroom cleaning and hygiene at your work environment. In this article, we will look at 5 ways to improve your washrooms. So, get ready to make your work bathrooms more pleasant and hygienic. Keep The Washroom Clean The first... Read More

Woman cleaning kitchen floor with a mop and bucket 24/08/2020
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How To Perform A Quick Kitchen Deep Clean

Performing a kitchen deep clean may seem like a tedious task but it can help you to maintain a clean and organised kitchen. So, in this blog article, we have put together a step by step guide so you can carry out a quick kitchen deep clean in your home or workplace. Read on to find out how you could make your kitchen look spotless. Before Starting The Deep Clean Before your deep clean begins, you will need to ensure that you have got all of your cleaning supplies ready.... Read More

Cleaner cleaning stair hand rail with anti-virus spray 23/07/2020

How Effective Are Anti-Virus Sprays

Anti-Viral products are selling at unseen rates at the moment but how effective are anti-virus sprays? Many people are now turning to sprays to keep their workplaces clear from Coronavirus. The anti-viral sprays are used to kill different types of bacteria and germs to prevent the spread of viruses. As the product has risen in popularity due to COVID-19, in this article we will explore the effectiveness of anti-virus sprays. How Long Does COVID-19 Remain on Surfaces It is now common knowledge that Coronavirus can be spread via surface transmission,... Read More

Employee wearing disposable overalls and gloves at work 22/06/2020
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Picking The Right PPE

Picking the right PPE for your workplace can be a difficult task if you are not familiar with health and safety practices. However, ensuring that your safety equipment is sufficient for your work environment is essential to keep your staff safe while working. In this article, we will talk you through our guide to choosing the right PPE for your business. So, get ready to take notes to make your place of work safer for your employees. Assess Your Environment Before deciding on what PPE is required in your workplace... Read More