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4 toilet rolls stacked on top of each other 09/09/2021

How Long is a Toilet Paper Roll

It is something we use every single day and often take for granted, but have you ever thought exactly how long is a toilet paper roll? In everyday life we will look at the toilet roll at least every one or two days, and we are all aware that every roll has a high number of different individual sheets on, but what would a toilet paper roll look like fully unrolled in a single piece. In this article we will discuss the average length of toilet paper roll and how... Read More

Person on laptop 26/08/2021
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10 Ways to Prevent Cross-Contamination at Your Workplace

No matter what industry you work in, knowing ways to prevent cross contamination is a vital means of ensuring a safe and clean working environment. Cross contamination is often most prevalent in the food preparation industry and is a major issue in restaurants and cafes. However, there can be contamination in all different types of workplaces, so knowing how to stop cross-contamination is valuable information for all manner of people. Prevention is not all about hand washing, there are many factors that can go a long way to maintaining a... Read More

Person washing hands with hand sanitiser 25/08/2021

How to Clean Hands Without Water

Keeping your hands clean throughout the day is a great way of preventing the spread of bacteria and germs, but do you know how to clean hands without water? Sometimes you may be struggling to clean your hands as there is no sink or soap around for you to access, meaning that you cannot use the common method of antibacterial soap and hot water. However, there are options that are very effective at reducing the number of harmful bugs and bacteria on the hands without the use of water. In... Read More


Should You Purchase Your Cleaning Products in Bulk?

Purchasing cleaning products in bulk can be a great way to ensure that you will not run out of vital items that you may need. Bundle offers are perfect for getting everything that you need in order to clean your environment effectively. When you are considering buying cleaning products in bulk however there are some things that you may need to consider before making your purchase. In this article we will ask the question of whether you should be purchasing your cleaning products in bulk, touching upon what you should... Read More


Which Disposable Glove Type Is Most Suitable for Your Workplace

Disposable gloves in the workplace are incredibly useful for a wide variety of applications. In fact, disposable equipment as a whole can have incredible benefits that you may not have even considered. If you would like to learn about these overall benefits, check out our previous article here. Different disposable glove types can have different benefits, and these can even be workspace specific. In this article we will outline the disposable glove types that are available, going over the advantages that they can bring to your place of work. Latex... Read More

Person using a microfibre cloth to clean cupboard door handles 21/06/2021

Five Reasons Why Microfibre Cloths Are An Essential Cleaning Product

Cleaning with microfibre cloths should become an essential part of cleaning routines around the world. The benefits of cleaning with microfibre as opposed to other forms of cloth are vast, but still, they can be overlooked and underutilised in homes and businesses. Using a microfibre cloth can make your cleaning regime much easier. They are multi-purpose, long-lasting, and provide amazing results on a wide number of surfaces and materials. This is why we have put together our top five reasons why microfibre cloths should become an essential product in your... Read More

Mop being used to clean a wooden floor 08/06/2021

The 10 Best Natural Cleaning Products

Natural cleaning products, or homemade natural cleaning products, can be a great way of effectively cleaning your home without the use of commonly used chemicals or solutions. There are many natural resources that serve another purpose to the one they are originally intended for. We have put together our list of the 10 best natural cleaning products you may have in your home already. Panda Soft Bamboo Toilet Roll We would be remissed to not mention Panda Soft’s Bamboo Toilet Roll. This luxury toilet paper is made of 100% naturally... Read More

Person washing hands before using paper towel dispenser 25/05/2021
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5 Reasons Why You Should Have Paper Towel Dispensers in Your Washroom

Bathroom paper towel dispensers are the perfect, multipurpose solution for a wide variety of uses in your bathrooms. Having washroom paper towel dispensers available can be useful for a number of reasons, and here are our top five as to why you should have them in your rooms. We will outline a number of topics from hygiene, cost-effectiveness and versatility to show you exactly what you are missing. They are cost-effective compared to electric driers Bathroom paper towel dispensers are incredibly cost-effective when compared with similar electric hand drying products.... Read More

Person washing hands with water and soap 25/05/2021
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Why Is Hand Washing Important

One of the best and easiest ways of creating a more hygienic world is by regularly and thoroughly washing your hands with high quality antibacterial soap. But why is hand washing important? And how can washing your hands help to greatly benefit society as a whole? In this article, we will discuss how hand washing can greatly reduce the spread of harmful diseases, as well as how to make sure that you are washing your hands correctly and ensuring that you are washing your hands every time you should be.... Read More

Person drying their hands with paper hand towels 08/04/2021
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Paper Towels vs Hand Dryers – Which is Better For Your Washroom

The argument of paper towels vs hand dryers has been going on for many years as businesses use both products in their washrooms. The choice of what hand drying method to use in a bathroom is usually down to preference, where individuals prefer one method of drying over the other. However, in this article, we will look further into which drying method is better for your washroom to put an end to this age-old debate. Read on to find out whether paper towels are better than hand dryers. Economic Cost... Read More