Everything You Need When Equipping Your Office With Cleaning Supplies

The importance of keeping communal spaces clean is paramount since the COVID-19 pandemic. Perhaps none more so than an office space. Shared computers, canteens, bathrooms and other equipment allows for germs to be rife within an office. So, after kitting your office out with desks and the latest tech, you need the right supplies to keep them clean and safe for all. Keep the office a safe environment by reading on, to explore the essential office cleaning products. 

1. Paper Hand Towels

Paper hand towels are a necessity in every office, especially in the areas where employees will wash their hands i.e the bathroom and kitchen areas. The usage of disposable hand towels over one hand towel makes for a more hygienic hand drying solution as they are single use. Separated into sheets, every hand drying is individual, preventing the spread of germs and bacteria between employees. 

As well as this, disposable hand towels offer environmentally friendly benefits as many of them are now made with recycled materials. Our range of paper towels at Galleon Supplies are made from eco-friendly materials, providing offices nationwide with a cost effective, hygienic and sustainable solution to keeping hand drying sanitary.

At Galleon Supplies, we stock a number of paper hand towel dispensers also, which make the usage of these easier and don’t compromise on the design of your office space. These dispensers supply the exact amount of paper needed to thoroughly dry hands, reducing waste as well as costs. 

Our paper hand towels and dispensers are available to buy in both regular quantities and in bulk, click here to browse the range today. 

2. Microfiber cloths

More and more frequently, people are opting for microfiber cloths when cleaning. The material is extremely versatile and can be used for just about any cleaning task you have in your office. The use of microfiber cleaning cloths over cotton cleaning tools has many benefits. These benefits include:

  • Microfiber cloths are more hygienic when capturing bacteria due to the material of them. They are 3 times as effective at ridding your surface of bacteria than traditional cleaning cloths. 
  • They attract more dirt. The material of microfiber cleaning cloths means that more dirt from your surfaces will cling to them. Not only are they sanitary, they also make your space look better, visually.
  • Microfiber cleaning cloths have a great level of reusability. When taken care of and used correctly, a microfiber cloth can last up to 1000 washings. This is much greater than the reusability of traditional cleaning cloths.
  • Microfiber cloths are always quick to dry after usage, meaning you can re-use them quicker than a regular cloth. 

So with all these benefits, what is their place in the office? 

Well, as stated, microfiber cloths are extremely versatile but especially for areas where bacteria gathers the most. This may be your kitchen or bathroom space which are typically communal areas within an office. With all of the shared appliances, microfiber cloths are certainly the way to go for a sanitary and tidy office space.

3. Anti-virus spray

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a surge in the need for hygienic solutions for communal spaces. Now that most of us are back in the workplace or office, it is important that we maintain the high standards of hygiene that we have been adhering to to keep our office environments safe. This is why you should always purchase a good quality anti-virus spray, such as the Super Professional anti viral spray, which kills 99.9% of germs and viruses. The spray is effective against coronavirus, making it the optimum choice for your office. 

Ideally, the anti-virus spray should have a non-bleach formula. This makes the product safer to use in food preparation areas as it will not contaminate any food products or cause any employees to come to harm.

Our best-selling anti-virus spray features all of these elements, buy here.

4. Soap dispensers

Soap dispensers are a suitable option for most office spaces, especially within their bathroom and kitchen facilities. The bathroom and kitchen within an office are the places in which the most bacteria gathers. Which means that having a high-quality and effective soap dispenser in both plays a big role in keeping your office hygienic. There are many reasons why a soap dispenser is more practical than a standard bottle of soap. Firstly, there is the aspect of mess. 

With a regular bottle of soap, you are more likely to find mess around your sink and taps, which will result in more cleaning. With a soap dispenser, either automatic or manual, the right amount goes directly into the user’s hands, making it a cleaner system for your office environment.

They are a cost-effective solution to the wasting of soap; they dispense the correct amount each time to reduce waste. As well as this, they are often more affordable when being refilled due to the large quantities of soap refills supplied by manufacturers.

Whichever best suits your needs, you can get either manual or automatic soap dispensers. Both of which provide design solutions to match the look of your office space. 

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