How Can My Workplace Participate in Plastic-Free July?

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The plastic-free July initiative is a worldwide movement that was started by Rebecca Prince-Ruiz in 2011. It was designed to address the plastic pollution problem that continues to harm our environment and threaten our wildlife. Prince-Ruiz wanted to create a way that involves everyone, encouraging communities to take part in the challenge.

How can I participate in plastic-free July?

Although we should aspire to be a part of this movement every month, Price-Ruiz believes that the ‘small changes, make a big difference’. Thereby, encouraging homes, schools and workplaces to get involved even for just a month, can be part of the solution. Many participants can get involved by doing some of the most simple things. Going plastic-free doesn’t have to be an inconvenience, which is why participating in plastic-free July can be as easy as you make it.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Ditching plastic straws and switching to reusable ones
  • Using plastic-free food and lifestyle products (i.e cleaning)
  • Use reusable bags instead of plastic ones to pack your shopping in.

At Galleon Supplies, we are committed to doing our bit for the environment and want to encourage others to do the same. So, here is our comprehensive guide on how your workplace can participate in plastic-free July.

How do you sign your workplace up?

  1. Signing up to be part of this initiative is simple. All you have to do is visit the movement’s website here, at 
  2. Then, you chose who you will be taking on the challenge with. Whether it is your co-workers or your grandma just enter the details to get started.
  3. Then, on the same form, simply select what it is you’re going to do to be part of the movement, the website provides several boxes you can just tick. 
  4. Now, you’re good to go! You can access updates and stories of others to help motivate you through the month via their website or their Instagram page.

What are some simple ways to become plastic-free around the workplace?

Using plastic-free cleaning products to keep your workplace hygenic

Becoming plastic-free isn’t as hard as it seems, with more and more companies providing eco-friendly solutions to everyday essentials that contain plastic. At Galleon Supplies, we recognise the importance of quality cleaning products that don’t cost the earth (in both senses). This is why we have created our page of plastic-free products, to help you and others become plastic-free people!

The workplace can be encompassed in single-use plastic, predominantly from its cleaning and kitchen supplies. So, why not make these simple switches for plastic-free July:

Whilst going plastic-free can be quite the change for some, Galleon Supplies’ range of plastic-free products provides an easy solution, without compromising on the quality of your everyday essentials. Going plastic-free in the workplace has never been so easy, with eco-friendly products that will still get the job done.

So, take the pledge today with plastic-free July and do your bit for the environment. Change your workplace cleaning products with Galleon Supplies.

Making small switches on items which have a big impact on the environment

The impact that everyday items have on the environment is staggering. Seemingly minor items such as plastic straws, plastic bags and even the containers we get our takeaways in, all contribute to the growing plastic pollution crisis we are facing.

Changing your everyday items is a simple switch that can have a huge impact, and can be your main contribution to plastic-free July. The website lists this as one of the easy ways you can contribute to the movement. In the workplace, this would be a great option for plastic-free July, as it requires minimal change.

Join the prominent household names such as McDonald’s and Nando’s; who have made the switch from plastic to paper, and will only provide sustainable straws to their customers.

It may seem like a small change but on average, paper straws only take 2 months to fully decompose on land compared to the whopping 200 years it takes for the plastic alternative. Paper straws are deemed much safer for the environment as they pose much less of a threat to animals.

Make the switch today, from plastic to paper or metal straws.

Create a ban on single-use water bottles

A water bottle can be found on nearly everyone’s desk at the office, so make sure all of those bottles are reusable.

Single-use water bottles are the culprit for clogging our oceans, rivers, streets and landfills and can so easily be eliminated from society. With the wide array of reusable water bottles available, there is no excuse for sticking with single-use plastic.

You might find that already there are no single-use water bottles in your office, but either way, create a ban and encourage people to stick with re-usable.

Provide reusable cutlery

Ditching plastic cutlery and switching to reusable knives and forks is perhaps one of the most effective ways of reducing plastic use in the office. It is estimated that 269,000 tons of plastic cutlery are thrown away and contribute to the plastic pollution problem we are facing today.

Simply thoroughly washing your reusable cutlery will make for a hygienic and eco-friendly solution for your lunchtime equipment.

So, purchasing reusable cutlery could be just the solution you’re looking for to take part in plastic-free July.

Accept the challenge, today!

With the options we have provided, you can easily update your office to be more sustainable for plastic-free July. Hopefully, the change you make for the movement will stick, and you can be on the path to an eco-friendly workplace.

So, do your bit for the earth and sign up for plastic-free July today.

For all of your plastic-free cleaning solutions, look no further than Galleons Supplies. If you have a question regarding our plastic-free range or what we are doing for the environment, read our pledge here. Or, you can contact the team via our online contact form for more information.

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