How Has Hygiene Changed in a Post-Covid World?

Woman sanitising hands by a train

Although many countries have begun to recover from the devastating effects of the global pandemic, there are some lessons in hygiene that we will not soon forget. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we look at many things; hygiene perhaps being the most prominent of them all. From sanitising our workstations to wearing masks everywhere we go, society’s view on hygiene will never be the same again.

Lockdowns and social distancing are now hopefully a thing of the past. However, society should continue implementing good hygiene practices to ensure the safety of those around us. 

This blog will explore how hygiene has changed since the pandemic, and highlight some of the most prominent trends in cleaning. 

Our awareness of germs has increased

Have you gotten off public transport and felt like you needed a full-body shower? You’re not alone. 

According to a new study, 67% of people said that they were more scared of germs in public and more aware of hygiene. This is of course due to the procedures and measures that were put in place during and around the lockdown. 

At one time, the use of public transport was disallowed due to how rapidly the virus was spreading. You couldn’t turn on the TV without being bombarded by science and statistics on how quickly the virus was spreading around the globe. It created an uneasy feeling. A feeling that we were surrounded by germs. 

Since then, the simple act of getting on a bus or train feels significantly less safe as we are more aware of how germs are spread. However, taking steps such as wearing disposable masks and frequently hand sanitising on the go has helped people to feel more at ease in public.  

We, have gone hand sanitiser mad

You can’t think of the Covid-19 pandemic and not have hand sanitiser spring to mind. It was essential to us during the pandemic and continues to be now. Hand sanitiser sales increased fourfold when the virus was at its peak in the spring of 2020 and despite dropping now, still continue to be an essential product in people’s baskets.

Key workers wouldn’t go far without a bottle of sanitiser in their pockets which would help to kill the germs and thereby reduce the spread of covid. 

This is certainly essential even now, with most of us still having a bottle of sanitiser close by at all times for easy hygiene on the go.

Contactless everything, everywhere 

That’s right, whether it’s buying your food shopping or using a soap dispenser, everything is now contactless. This is in an effort to reduce the spread of germs via the things we communally use. 

A public bathroom has people coming in and out of it all day long, meaning that hundreds are washing their hands using the same soap dispensers and the same sinks. Most businesses amidst the covid-19 pandemic, have made the switch to contactless dispensers that are motion activated. 

Touch-free operation reduces a lot of the germs that can be spread with manual dispensers. These are here to stay, with the vast majority of places using these today in our post-COVID world.

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