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How to Choose the Right Supplier for Your Business

Picking suppliers is an important part of your business – not only are you picking the right products, but also the right partner too. As a result, there is a lot to consider when identifying suppliers. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right supplier for your business. What is the right supplier? The right supplier for one business may not be appropriate for another, and it is important to assess what you need from other companies. The right supplier for your business is one that provides... Read More

How to be More Eco-Friendly

As we understand more about how we are affecting the environment, businesses of all types are taking greater strides to improve their green credentials. Having a more eco-friendly workplace can be beneficial in a number of ways. It can create a more efficient and productive working environment, earn your business accreditations, and even attract customers looking to buy from greener companies. There are several ways you can improve your company’s ecological footprint, from the amount of electricity you use, to office policies, and the type of products you buy. Here... Read More


What is Cheeky Panda Toilet Paper?

With growing concerns about the sustainability of our planet, more and more companies are taking their environmental responsibilities seriously. From reducing the use of plastics to investing in greener manufacturing processes, there are many ways we can help reduce our environmental impact. One particularly effective approach is to use more sustainable, ethical toilet paper. Cheeky Panda toilet paper is one such example, with this product made from bamboo – a far more sustainable material than the pulp used in regular loo roll. What make Cheeky Panda toilet paper so sustainable?... Read More

Why use facial tissues?

Why use facial tissues? Whether you call them paper handkerchiefs, or just plain old tissues, facial tissues are a useful and versatile product used by millions of people every day. The convenience of facial tissues, alongside their surprising strength and absorption qualities, makes them very useful at home or at work. For the most part, this handy product is used when you have a cold or flu, but aside from this purpose, why use facial tissues? Uses of facial tissues Facial tissues are a super convenient beauty product, and a... Read More

Trade Secrets: How buying in bulk saves your business money

One of the basic economic principles of any business is to make money by maximising revenue and reducing costs. This, of course, is easier said than done, but in terms of reducing your outgoings, one tried-and-tested method is to buy your supplies in bulk. But does buying in bulk save money? For businesses of any size, while the answer is usually ‘yes’, bulk buying needs to be careful and considered. If you get it wrong, it’s easy to end up with store cupboards full of unnecessary items, which can be... Read More

Commuter Focus: Washrooms to suit a commuting workforce

Commuting is a big part of modern life, with The Telegraph reporting last year that workers in the UK spend an average of one hour a day commuting – with many doing considerably more than that. For a lot of commuters, particularly in cities like London, public transport is the best way to get to and from work. For people who are spending such a large amount of time travelling on public transport, the provision of washrooms for commuters is essential. Unfortunately, however, many public washrooms, particularly in railway stations,... Read More

Washroom Design: Can it improve customer satisfaction?

Although on the surface customer toilets seem like a fairly functional part of any business, they can actually leave a huge lasting impression. The smallest room on the premises can have the biggest impact, with toilets often the first or last thing that a customer will see of your business. In fact, studies have suggested that bathrooms have a major impact on customer satisfaction levels, demonstrating the importance of a well-designed washroom. Appealing facilities can have a huge impact on your customers, yet many businesses choose to cut costs in... Read More

Office Waste Disposal Procedures: What You Need to Know

Whatever industry you are involved in, from an office-based company to manufacturing plants, all businesses produce some form of waste. With the growing environmental concerns around the world, it is more important than ever to ensure that your office waste disposal is done as responsibly as possible. In this guide, we will look at your responsibilities as a business in terms of office waste disposal procedures, and how to ensure you are doing everything you can to dispose of waste properly. What are the responsibilities of businesses for waste disposal?... Read More


What are microfibre cleaning cloths?

We’ve all seen the word ‘microfibre’ on cleaning cloth packaging, but what exactly does it mean? Often the term is used as a selling point, but it is more than just marketing speak, with microfibre cleaning cloths referring to a specific type of cleaning product. Microfibre cloths differ from other similar products, as they are made from tiny fibres that are actually invisible to the naked eye! So what is the benefit of using this specific type of cleaning cloth over more traditional alternatives? In this article we will explore... Read More

The importance of latex gloves in your medical facility

Providing essential protection from bacteria and disease, latex gloves are an important piece of equipment in medical facilities around the world. From your local GP to dentists, hospitals and more, medical gloves are widely used by various medical professionals. In this article, we look at how latex gloves have developed over the years, and why they are still so important in medical facilities. The development of medical gloves Medical gloves first came into use at the famed American medical school Johns Hopkins University, thanks to the school’s first Surgeon in... Read More