Why You Should be Using Blue Paper Roll

Blue paper roll, commonly referred to as blue roll or centrefeed blue rolls, are one of the most popular cleaning products used in many settings across the globe. In particular, they are an essential product in the catering and cleaning industry due to their high convenience and fantastic absorbent property to help clean dirt and spillages. Not to mention, they are incredibly affordable in today’s standards as well as being biodegradable, making it an eco-friendly and efficient option for everyday use. With this in mind, this article is going to discuss:

  • The properties of blue roll
  • The different applications of blue roll
  • Why you should be using blue roll today

Properties of Blue Paper Roll:

To start with the properties of blue roll, it is typically available in 1-3 ply level thickness (the number of sheets per layer) depending on the quality and brand you purchase from. 

Blue paper roll can be used on hard surfaces for a multitude of tasks including soaking up liquid (due to its incredible absorption properties), cleaning hard surfaces and for drying your hands. 

Centrefeed blue rolls can be purchased as a singular roll on its own or can be paired with dispensers for ease of use, improved economy and cost-efficiency benefits. Ideal for many cleaning settings which may be apparent across the globe. 

Blue roll has a distinct blue colouring meaning they are best utilised for cross contamination protocols in industries that require the very best in terms of hygiene. Examples include professional healthcare and medical settings just to name a few. 

Different Applications Blue Roll Can be Used For:

Blue roll usually comes with a centre feed tubing area. This is so it can be hung stylishly and securely in a location of your choice. This makes them particularly useful for public toilets where hand dryers may be too expensive to purchase or to replace hand towels which otherwise would be deemed too unhygienic to incorporate in public toilets. Similarly, blue roll can be utilised in healthcare settings such as operating rooms where sanitising client beds and thorough wipe downs are required after each use. 

Blue roll thrives when ensuring a streak-free finish is created to your glass surfaces such as countertops and glass doors. If you have just finished washing your kitchen and you have a stunning glass countertop, a blue paper roll can be the most effective way to ensure that it is looking pristine and aesthetically pleasing. You will not have to worry about cleaning used washcloths in order to wipe your glass surfaces as the blue roll can provide an adequate job to wipe your surfaces down. Not to mention, they can be disposed of safely and easily after each use. 

Staying on the topic of kitchen settings, spillages and dirt are bound to occur in this area of the house. As such, blue paper roll excels in this scenario as it can absorb liquid spills such as thick sauce, oil cleaning chemicals, grease and dirt on drawer handles. For this reason, they are an ideal and cost effective way to clean your kitchen so that it looks as good as new. 

A final application in which blue paper roll can be utilised is for wiping grease and oil from your hands in a garage. If you are someone who enjoys modifying or maintaining your vehicle, you will understand how dirty it can be. As such, having a blue roll handy can be the perfect solution to wipe away any nasty stains and marks that will inevitably appear on your hands when working on a motor vehicle. 

Why You Should Be Using Blue Roll Today: 

Now that we have listed the properties of centrefeed blue rolls and the many applications in which they can be incorporated in, why not consider treating yourself to these tried and tested cleaning solutions today. Whether you are in a doctor’s practice, or simply wiping up a spillage at home, these handy cleaning products are second to none with immense levels of convenience and reliability.

The possibilities are endless with blue roll. As we have previously discussed, they can be installed along with paper dispensers which make them highly versatile. No matter what you call these practical little paper rolls, they can be seen all across the globe from venues up and down the country. From the most professional of environments imaginable to simple high street cafes, these handy cleaning solutions are just what you need in order for your business to retain strong hygiene standards.

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