Why You Should Be Using Kleenex Hand Towels

First made in 1879, the paper hand towel has quickly become a staple for bathrooms everywhere; with Kleenex hand towels being people’s first choice. The brand has made a name for themselves by supplying quality cleaning and hygiene solutions, globally. We at Galleon Supplies are proud to stock Kleenex products, as we know we are providing our customers with quality solutions to their hygiene needs.

In our post-covid world, we need to ensure that we are doing things in the most hygienic way possible. Even though we are out of the woods in most respects, it is important that we learn from the pandemic and make an effort to think more, as a society, about our hygiene. In shared spaces like offices, schools and other facilities, many people wash and dry their hands every hour. Cotton towels are not the way to go. No, for this to be as hygienic as possible, Galleon Supplies recommends Kleenex hand towels and this article will tell you why.

So, keep reading for the reasons we, at Galleons Supplies, love Kleenex hand towels.

They are extremely hygienic!

Galleon’s favourite thing about Kleenex hand towels is that they are an extremely hygienic method of drying your hands. Health experts state that they are the best option to prevent the spread of bacteria, with even the NHS agreeing that paper towels should be used to dry hands thoroughly in a communal environment.

WHO, The World Health Organisation, recommends the use of single-use paper towels to dry your hands. This comes as part of their covid safety guidelines, meaning that Kleenex paper towels are the optimal hand drying solution for your facility. Don’t settle for less hygiene.

The design is versatile

Another important feature of having Kleenex hand towels in your bathroom is that the dispenser can pretty much go anywhere you want it to. Electric hand dryers have their advantages, but depend on a source of power to function. This means that you must position them with this in mind, thereby limiting your options for aesthetics. 

However, a paper towel dispenser does not need a power source to function, meaning that it can be placed anywhere you choose!

Contactless dispensers

Another thing about Kleenex hand towels that we love at Galleon is the additional hygiene they provide through their contactless dispensers. When you use a paper towel dispenser, you are only touching the paper that you’re going to be using. This means that the hand towels are truly single use and make this an even more hygienic hand-drying method.

When you compare this to every person in your office using the same cotton towel, the improvement in cleanliness becomes clear. Switch to hand towels.

Hand towels get your hands dry quicker!

When you use a hand towel instead of an electric dryer or a regular towel, your hands are sure to get drier, quicker. Made from the AIRFLEX® technology, Kleenex hand towels are a highly absorbent and strong hand-drying solution. These paper hand towels retain their strength when wet, and absorb moisture quicker than a standard cotton towel. 

This means that you can get those hands dry quicker with hand towels.

Get your Kleenex paper towels today!

At Galleons Supplies, we thoroughly recommend the use of Kleenex hand towels in shared bathroom spaces. As aforementioned, they are a hygienic, design friendly and cost effective solution to your hand-drying needs. 

Order your Kleenex paper towels with us today.

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