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Cleaning Rags

High Quality Recycled Cleaning Rags and Terry Towels, available in short and bulk quantities to suit your business needs. Soft and Absorbent our industrial cleaning rags are perfect for any business.

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Bag of Rags

Explore the exceptional selection of cleaning rags available here in a variety of colours and quantities to suit the needs of your business. Our bag of rags range is fit for purpose and cost-effective, with quantities available up to 10kg and also pallet options for bulk buying. We also stock 5kg bags if you need smaller quantities so you can find the right amount to meet all of your requirements. Our cleaning rags are made from recycled materials, so they are soft and absorbent alongside being environmentally friendly. Browse the collection now to find the best prices and deals. If you are looking for an upgrade on our rags, our microfibre cloths range will supply you with a more premium alternative.


What is A Cleaning Rag? 

Cleaning rags, also known as industrial rags, are a handy alternative to paper towels. They are more environmentally friendly than traditional paper towels as they don't have to go through the waste removal process as much as paper towels do. This is solely due to them being able to be reused over and over again before eventually being thrown away.  

How do You Clean Them?

To clean your cleaning rags, you will need to add them to a large container filled with warm water. You will have to let the cleaning rags soak for at least 15 minutes. The water will remove any mould, mildew, bacteria and germs that are latched onto the rags. Rub the rag between your fingers to remove any excess dirt or grime. Finally rinse, squeeze and let dry before reusing again, remembering to wash your hands after.  

Do You Clean Industrial Cleaning Rags Separately? 

Yes. It is advised that you always wash germ-ridden and incredibly dirty items like industrial rags, or items that are contaminated with bodily fluids, in a separate load from your regular laundry. This is to prevent harmful bacteria or grime from transferring onto your favourite clothes.