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Hypoallergenic Cleaning Supplies

Browse the superb hypoallergenic cleaning supplies in stock here at Galleon Supplies to find outstanding offers available in our range.

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Hypoallergenic Cleaning Products

The hypoallergenic cleaning supplies range is made from 100% bamboo from FSC certified sustainable bamboo forest. Bamboo is the world's fastest-growing plant. Bamboo grows 20-30 times faster than trees, producing 30 per cent more oxygen and absorbing 35 per cent more carbon. Bamboo is like a grass so when its cut it re-grows from the root unlike trees that once cut the stump and the root systems are dead. Bamboo requires no fertilisers to help it grow, just sunshine and water. The more you cut bamboo, the better it grows. Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, odour resistant and hypo-allergenic. It's kinder to the skin and unlike recycled tissue is doesn't contain any de-inking agents or traces of BPA. It's a very high quality product that's super absorbent and soft on the skin. Browse the selection of hypoallergenic cleaning supplies now to find the best prices and deals or contact us today if you have any questions regarding our hypoallergenic cleaning products.


Is Toilet Paper Hypoallergenic?

To find out if you have hypoallergenic toilet paper, you will be required to read the product packaging and look for the terms 'unscented' and 'hypoallergenic'. This means that your toilet paper is made without inks, dyes, perfumes, and other harsh additives, making it extra gentle to sensitive skin.

Is Bamboo Toilet Paper Hypoallergenic?

Yes. Panda soft is suitable hypoallergenic toilet paper as it is B.P.A free, formaldehyde free, chlorine free, anti bacterial antifungal fragrance free and contains no de-inking agents so is naturally kinder to your skin.