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Case Qty: 54 Rolls
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Case Qty: 4 x 54 Rolls = 216 Rolls

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Savana toilet paper is a consistently strong seller for us here at Galleon Supplies, largely because it’s wonderfully gentle and ultra-absorbent, yet tough and economical enough to make it a smart choice for all manner of professional and public bathrooms.

Our choice of embossed, 2-ply Savana toilet rolls is made available in multiple pack sizes for even better cost effectiveness. Made from crisp white tissue paper that’s completely biodegradable, they’re a green-conscious option for those that want to minimise the impact of their businesses and customers on the immediate environment.

Savana toilet tissue comes on generous domestic-sized rolls, meaning they fit quickly and effortlessly onto any standard roll dispenser, and they’re neatly perforated to make clean and tidy tear-offs simple without any undue waste or unsightly shredding.