British-based company, Shermond, specialises in quality gloves for use in the field of healthcare and catering. The brand has developed and enhanced its products over many years with the guidance of industry professionals, and today its products are considered some of the most safe, reliable and durable gloves available.

Our range of Shermond gloves

Using quality materials and established manufacturing techniques, Shermond supplies a range of high-quality, medical gloves for nurses, doctors, dentists, surgeons, and care workers, as well as gloves for preparing and handling food.


In our Shermond selection, you can choose from sterile poly, vinyl and latex gloves in a variety of sizes to suit the fit and feel you want. All our products from Shermond are created to reduce the risk of infection, stop the spread of harmful bacteria, and prevent cross-contamination.


Shermond vinyl and latex gloves are ideal for medical procedures and examinations, thanks to their fantastic grip, resistance to chemicals, and individual wrapping. Our Shermond poly gloves are lightweight, touch-sensitive and powder-free, which makes them ideal for catering companies and people who handle making and transporting food. All Shermond gloves are dependable and secure, with minimal chance of tearing and a close-fitting design for better movement and comfort.


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