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Antibacterial Hand Wipes

Improve hygiene at your workplace with our outstanding antibacterial hand wipes available online here at Galleon Supplies. Shop below for amazing offers.

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Hand Sanitiser Wipes

Antibacterial hand wipes provide you with a convenient and effective way to wipe down your hands and also surfaces to prevent the spread of bacteria. We have a superb range of sanitiser wipes in stock here at Galleon Supplies. As bacteria can breed and live on surfaces for weeks, hand sanitiser wipes kill up to 99.9% of bacteria to stop the transfer of germs from surface to surface. As well as keeping your hands protected, antibacterial wet wipes leave your hands clean and moisturised as a great alternative to soap and water. All of the sanitising wipes stocked here are gentle on the skin and are suitable for those with sensitive skin. Our biodegradable wet wipes come from the most renowned and trusted cleaning brands, so you can expect nothing less than outstanding quality and performance with all our flushable antibacterial wipes.

Alcohol-free wipes and paraben-free wipes have superb benefits on their own, however, our biodegradable wipes go the extra mile having both of these features. Another advantage of our antibacterial surface wipes is that they are eligible as flushable wipes, making them simple to dispose of. So, whether you require flushable wet wipes an office washroom or a warehouse bathroom, we have got you covered with a great selection of biodegradable antibacterial wipes. Keeping your hands clean is now more important than ever, so browse our antibacterial hand wipes now to take advantage of our amazing deals and prices. If you require further information regarding our hand sanitising wipes, feel free to contact us today.



Can You Use Antibacterial Hand Wipes on Your Face?

Antibacterial hand wipes are designed to kill bacteria on your hands and so are safe to use on other areas of your body. This includes your face however, it is advised that you take extra care when wiping any antibacterial chemicals near your eyes or mouth area.

Are Antibacterial Hand Wipes Flushable?

In most cases, yes antibacterial hand wipes are able to be flushed but always check the front label for the terms 'flushable’ and ‘biodegradable’ before discarding them away. This is because antibacterial wipes are generally thicker than standard tissue paper which can clog your septic system so always check before throwing away your hand wipes.