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Blue Roll

What Is Blue Roll?

Blue roll is a highly absorbent and practical paper towel product suitable for a huge variety of industrial, commercial and even domestic uses. It is also known as centrefeed roll, engineers roll, blue paper, or catering roll.

From world-class Michelin star kitchens to the small workshop of your local mechanics, blue roll is widely used because of its non-abrasive texture. This suits numerous different applications including hygienic hand-drying, cleaning and polishing surfaces, and absorbing oil and grease.

This product is also often referred to as centrefeed roll, and by removing the card centre, blue roll can be inserted into a dispenser, providing an easier and more cost-efficient way to use the product without unnecessary wastage. 

In this comprehensive guide, we look at the various applications for blue roll, how it is used in different environments, and the numerous varieties that we stock at Galleon Supplies.

What Can Centrefeed Blue Roll be Used For?

Centrefeed blue roll has a number of key properties that make it particularly useful across a multitude of working environments and tasks. Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, blue roll is extremely strong and very durable (even when wet), which makes it suitable for tough applications where other paper towels might tear or fall apart.

Secondly, blue roll is highly absorbent, particularly when supplied in two or three ply. Not only is it able to soak up a large amount of water quickly without breaking up, but blue paper is also very good at picking up greasy and oily fluids, such as motor oil or cooking fats. Thirdly, this product is supplied in a clean and dry condition, making it useful for polishing jobs and hygienic cleaning tasks too.

Finally, blue paper is not only cost effective, particularly when placed in a centrefeed blue roll dispenser, but is also biodegradable, making it an eco-friendly and efficient product for everyday use. So what jobs can centrefeed blue roll be used for?

Food Production Environments

Blue paper, or catering roll, is particularly well-suited to food production environments and hospitality, including commercial and domestic kitchens, bars and cafes. As we mentioned previously, one of catering roll’s main strengths is its ability to absorb liquid spills such as water, sauces, and cooking oil, making it essential in any food preparation area.

Blue is a colour that doesn’t naturally occur in any foods, meaning that catering roll is very distinctive and easy to spot in the kitchen, making it easy to spot and avoid accidentally mixing with food, as well as mopping up spills, catering roll is used in food production environments to clean and dry work surfaces, and it is particularly effective for getting a streak-free finish, which is useful for Perspex or glass countertops, cabinets, and displays.

Kitchen workers also use centrefeed catering roll to wipe away fatty and greasy remnants from grills, to make sure that these fatty deposits don’t end up in sinks and blocking drains. Another useful application for blue roll in the kitchen is to dampen it, and put it underneath chopping boards - this stops them from sliding around on work surfaces.

Industry and Engineering

Often referred to as ‘engineers roll’, this versatile product is also well known for its widespread use in industrial, engineering and manufacturing fields, due to its durability and absorbance.

This useful combination of properties makes engineers roll highly effective at absorbing oil and grease, and it is often used by engineers to wipe down tools, grubby hands, and even the floors and walls of garages and workshops.

In industrial and manufacturing settings, blue engineers roll is also very good at removing excess grease, wax, and other similar lubricants from machinery. As we mentioned earlier, blue roll is also effective at absorbing liquid spills, and is used to keep work benches and surfaces clean and tidy.

Cleaning and Polishing

While often used in specific kitchen or mechanical environments, blue paper is also suitable for plenty of additional cleaning tasks. As we have discussed in the previous sections, blue centrefeed roll is highly absorbent and is therefore used to clean a variety of liquid spills by domestic and industrial cleaners.

As opposed to wet wipes, blue roll is a dry product, so it is also used for a variety of everyday cleaning tasks. In addition to drying surfaces, blue paper can be used for polishing mirrors, windows and glass surfaces, as well as taps and stainless steel too. Its durability also allows blue roll to be used with various cleaning products to provide a deeper clean when needed.

In medical and patient treatment facilities, centrefeed roll can also be used alongside a sanitiser to wipe down furniture that is in need of regular disinfecting, such as dentist’s chairs and massage tables.

Drying Hands

Perhaps the most common use for blue paper across all of these various environments, however, is for drying hands. Blue paper provides an eco-friendly and hygienic way to keep hands clean in a variety of circumstances. While this is obviously very important around food preparation areas, keeping hands clean and dry is also required in other industries where people are likely to come into regular contact with greasy substances.

When working within these types of environments, the importance of hand washing cannot be overstated. Not only does it help control the spread of germs, but working with greasy substances means it is easy to stain your clothes and belonging after a long day at work. Washing hands with soap is one of the most effective ways to ensure good personal hygiene.

According to the NHS, washing your hands with clean running water and soap is sufficient to remove most dirt, viruses and bacteria, and can even reduce the risk of diarrhoea by 50%. Other products, such as hand sanitizers, are also an effective option to keep your hands clean at work, but thoroughly washing your hands with soap and water is undoubtedly the most effective method.

Whatever hand cleaning techniques you use, it is important to make sure you properly dry your hands after washing. This is because the transmission of bacteria is more likely to occur from wet skin than from dry skin, so drying hands is as important as washing them if you are to ensure that germs are not spread easily.

There is mixed research on electric hand dryers, with some reports stating that this form of hand drying can help the spread of germs and bacteria. While various studies and health organisations are yet to agree on whether this is significant, it is agreed that paper towels offer a hygienic way to dry your hands after washing, with blue roll a particularly effective method due to its strength and absorbency.

Whatever it is used for, blue roll is an extremely useful product to have when cleaning any working or domestic environment.

How To Remove The Centre From Blue Roll

In this guide so far, we have discussed how versatile and hygienic blue roll is as a cleaning product, by looking at the variety of tasks it is used for across multiple industries. In addition to the key properties that make blue role so useful for cleaning, another reason for the popularity of this product is the value-for-money blue paper offers.

Buying blue centrefeed roll wholesale is a great way to save money, but while blue paper is an extremely economical product, paper towels in general can be easily wasted when they are not put in dispensers or blue roll stands. Often, people overcompensate when using any type of paper towel by taking too many, with spare towels falling to the ground, or by scrunching up more paper towels than they actually need.

This is not necessary with a product as durable as blue roll, and this wastage can be reduced through inserting the product into a centrefeed blue roll dispenser, making blue paper even more economical. Using a dispenser ensures that each roll lasts longer, and helps to save money and reduce your environmental footprint.

In order to use blue paper in a centrefeed blue roll dispenser, you will need to remove the cardboard centre from the roll first, reversing how the product is distributed. Fortunately, this is simple to do, and can be done very quickly by hand.

The first step to removing the centre from a blue centrefeed roll is to place the product on a flat surface, turning the roll until you can see the perforated spiral join inside the core of the card inner tube.

Once you have located this spiral, turn the roll again so that the end of the perforated join is pointing towards your body. Placing your thumbs inside the core, you should then grip the blue roll firmly and pull either side outwards, causing the core to tear across the perforated seams.

With the core now torn, you should be able to then reach inside the centrefeed roll and easily remove the cardboard centre from the blue paper roll. Now that the card centre is removed, the roll will feed from the centre, making the product suitable for use in a blue roll paper towel dispenser.

When placed inside a dispenser, blue rolls are quick and easy to use, with the centrefeed blue roll dispenser helping to cut back on paper towel wastage, making this product even more economical and providing superb value-for-money.

Where To Buy Blue Centrefeed Roll

Galleon Supplies provides a wide range of blue centrefeed roll, available in smaller packs up to larger pallet deals. Our range of blue paper is available in one, two, or three-ply, depending on your specific needs. If you require a more absorbent paper towel for particularly heavy duty usage, such as in working kitchens or engineering, then you should consider two or three-ply blue roll for that extra strength and cleaning power.

Due to its wide range of industrial uses, many customers choose to buy blue centrefeed rolls wholesale, and we provide a wide variety of options to suit your specific needs. Our Galleon Value 2 ply blue roll pallet deal is a highly cost-effective option for businesses who use blue roll in bulk. Containing 55 cases of six rolls, these blue roll paper towels offer excellent value, and should last a while - even in very busy working environments.

All of our blue paper rolls are manufactured using high quality absorbent paper, and we also use recycled materials from managed products to provide both value for money and to help reduce our environmental impact as well.

Blue centrefeed roll is a highly versatile and useful product, and is suitable for a multitude of cleaning jobs across various industries.