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Couch Rolls

Create a professional and hygienic environment with our superb selection of couch rolls. Our couch paper rolls are ideal for hospitals, GPs, beauty salons, massage salons and many other locations. We offer couch rolls in 2ply and 3ply as well as in white or blue colour variations.  Make wiping away spills or excess products an absolute breeze. Browse our range online today for all your business needs.

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Couch Paper Roll

Couch paper roll is ideal for use at GP surgeries, hospitals, salons and many others. We have an excellent selection of forecourt rolls available to buy in both bulk as well as smaller quantities to meet all of your requirements. In our couch paper roll range, you will find our own brand rolls amongst top industry name Scott, so high performance and quality is assured with all of our products. If you are looking to buy couch rolls direct, you will find amazing deals to fit the needs of your business.

Our couch roll is suitable for a wide variety of industries to suit your professional environment. The diverse range available includes both 2 and 3 ply roll in either standard or AIRFLEX paper, so you can find the ideal couch paper roll for your business. Browse our collection now to find great and competitive prices.


What is Couch Roll Used For?

Couch roll is generally used in the healthcare and beauty industries to minimise risk of contamination and to maintain high levels of hygiene. Because of their 2-ply and sometimes 3-ply structure, they have increased strength, absorbency and softness which make them ideal for clients to lay on.

What is Couch Roll?

Commonly known as hygiene rolls, these disposable paper towels produced in either 10 inch or 20 inch widths. They typically come in a blue or white variant and are manufactured with perforated sheets so they are easy to tear after each use. They can be laid down on surfaces in a quick and convenient manner to provide an environmentally friendly approach to keep your surfaces both clean and hygienic.

Why is Couch Roll Blue?

Couch roll comes in a distinctive blue colour to make it easy for medical areas such as doctor's beds to keep clean. Users may confuse white coloured couch paper rolls with standard wiping paper which may pose risk of cross contaminating objects and the surrounding vicinity. By having a blue coloured option, this is greatly reduced.

How Long is a Roll of Couch Roll?

Couch paper rolls can come in different sizes but typically measure at 40 metres long per roll with a width of 20 inches. You can also find XL rolls these days which come in a longer length of 50 metres.

Is Couch Roll Recyclable?

A great benefit of couch roll is that it can be recycled in paper bins along with other recyclable paper products to minimise your impact on the environment