Hand Sanitiser

Hand Sanitiser
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Case Qty: 6 Pump Bottles x 450ml
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Here at Galleon Supplies, we stock a great selection of hand sanitisers to help you keep your workplace clean.


Featuring dispensers, pump bottles and foam cartridges, our range of hand sanitisers includes something for all environments. Each solution kills 99.99% of bacteria when used to ensure every public place and work environment is protected from the spread of germs and disease.


If you want a hand sanitiser that doesn't irritate the skin and is easy to dispense and use; our quality hand sanitisers are perfect.

Our range of hand sanitisers

Hand sanitisers have rocketed in popularity, due to their effectiveness in destroying harmful bacteria. Many people carry small bottles with them wherever they go and value public places that use them.


In our hand sanitiser range, you can find the ideal dispenser and sanitising solution to keep your workplace clean — and your staff and customers protected. Put one of our pump bottles in your public bathroom, or mount a dispenser with gel solution onto your cafe’s kitchen wall to ensure your hygiene standards are kept high.


With different sizes and styles, there’s something for all workplaces and public places in our hand sanitiser selection.

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